Saturday, January 24, 2015

Unexpected Delays

You may have noticed the lack of episodes since the start of the year. To put it mildly, life has happened. Everything planned for the first few weeks of this year has been pushed back to later in the month including scheduled episodes of Jesus' Outsider.

We've been hit with a series of health issues in our house with one of them fairly serious. My lovely bride had an eye stroke on New Year's Eve. We've spent a great deal of time with doctors, blood tests, and making significant changes in our lifestyle. All of our focus has been on taking care of her in the midst of planned changes that brought their own set of challenges. We have been fighting to settle into a new rhythm and schedule that has proven to be more difficult than we expected.

The blood tests did show what the cause of the blood clot that ended up in her retina. She had fairly high blood pressure, borderline high cholesterol, and high thyroid. We are taking steps to bring this under control. At the top of the list, we are praying for healing to restore her eyesight that we've been told will not happen. Only the Lord can bring the restoration that medical science says is impossible.

Of course, once we got past that, I caught the respiratory flu that's been going around. It's that one that lingers with you. Just as it appears to clear up, it comes back a few days later to wreak havoc again. Consequently, I have lost a lot of my voice. I sound very raspy. I do not know when I will have enough vocal power to record. I'm drinking a lot of tea with honey to try to heal my throat.

I will be back on the air as soon as my voice returns with sufficient strength to record. There is a lot that needs to be said. The world is changing rapidly and the church is either changing the way it changes or clinging to things that don't work. Both reactions have great hazards and actually feed each other. As I said, there is much to discuss and I hope to be able to do so very soon.