Monday, November 28, 2016

Commentary Cornucopia

Protests, violence, death threats, and the faithfulness of a servant of God in the face of unrelenting church politics. A Commentary Cornucopia on today's episode.

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Make War With Love

We are in very dangerous times. Hatred and violence are running rampant. The Body of Christ needs to be ready to counter this evil with the best weapon we have available. From the Archives

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Monday, November 7, 2016

From Hack to Heal

We've been hacking and slashing at each other for years.  Words are our normal weapons but at times physical violence has exploded. Our nation is more divided now than it has ever been and the church is no exception. We need to know the tool of this division if we are to heal from it.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Nailed It!

This week's episode of the Jesus' Outsider Podcast, The Real Man in a Beta Male World, deals with the assault on manhood and masculinity and presents a Biblical model of honor and integrity.

Just a few days later, this article appearsTRENDING: Universities work to purge male students of their ‘toxic’ masculinity. It's hard to see anything else but an example of leftist hatred of real men.

Are there jerks? Yes. Are there men who are all macho acting but aren't real men? Absolutely. (These are the phony Alpha Males I talk about in the episode) Do these guys represent the majority of men in the U.S.? Absolutely not! Most men are not violent or just waiting to rape a woman. That idea is patently absurd.

Still, we have forgotten what it really means to be a man. That's why I do the Real Men series of programs and teach on the subject as often as possible. True manhood is lumped in with the extremes of foolishness and is being replaced my a softer, more effeminate model. Sports, action films, rugged work, and other activities generally associated with masculinity are attacked as violent and evil.

The last episode of the TV series House I ever watched involved a patient that worked as a marriage expert with his wife. He was very sensitive and nurturing. It turned out that he had experienced an injury that had greatly decreased his testosterone levels. After treatment with injections and preparation to correct the injury, he started to take charge and make decisions. He was exaggerated into a jerk. His conclusion? Stop the treatments and not have the surgery because, "I was a better man before." I was sick. Real Men can be emotional but must be leaders in their homes, have a work ethic, and set an example for his children.

Please, don't let your sons grow up without an understanding of the character and integrity of a real man.