Wednesday, December 30, 2015

HELP! We're Out of Commission!

Yesterday morning (12/29), the studio computer assumed room temperature. The hard drive is corrupted, at least 25% of the RAM is out, and the motherboard is starting to have issues. Granted, I've nursed the old girl long past her useful life and pushed her beyond her limits. When I bought it back in '10, it was the state of the art. Now, not so much. It's bad enough that I'm not certain that I'll be able to recover the data on it. (Prayers really appreciated on that one)

The problem is that it was the only computer in the house. All the rest of our work and other sundry activities are done on tablets and phones. Everything for Jesus' Outsider production, videos, and design is on that machine. We are completely dead in the water without it. Nothing can move forward until the machine is replaced. That includes the Sex, Porn, and Freedom Conference. I can't even finish the updated Jesus' Outsider site reflecting the new direction and expansion.

If you've been following the last several posts and episodes, then you know that we have paused the work on planting Freedom Church and are putting everything into Jesus' Outsider Ministries. That includes expanding the reach of the program, moving into additional areas of media ministry, and conferences. In this modern age, all of that requires a functional, media production capable computer. Unfortunately, this isn't something we can purchase off the shelf at the local Best Buy.

In order to move forward, we need a machine capable of running the current versions of the software we use. We've been limping along on old, outdated versions of Adobe Creative Suite that isn't supported by Adobe anymore. Bare minimum needs for the computer, software updates, and other miscellaneous gear come up to close to $2500. That's way more than I found in the cushions of our couch.

Many of you are very interested in the program continuing and in our conferences, especially the Sex, Porn, and Freedom seminar. As I said, none of that can happen without a fully functional computer. I'm asking you to prayerfully consider supporting us in this hour of immediate need. There's a PayPal button on this page and on the Jesus' Outsider site under the "Support" tab. We tried Patreon but this isn't the kind of need that fits well into a site for supporting artists.

Please, prayerfully consider how you can help. We need everything we can get. As a bonus, everyone who donates $25 will receive a free ticket to the conference and a conference tee shirt (design pending).  Anything received above and beyond the immediate need will go to the conference costs.

Thanks you for supporting our efforts.

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