Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Time For A Little Retooling

I've been podcasting for seven and a half years. During that time I've reinvented the program several times. It started out as the Wicket Gate Podcast (Yes, that's a Pilgrim's Progress reference), became Foundational Truth, Foundations when it briefly went into syndication, Madman in Crazytown for politics, and finally Jesus' Outsider.

The current program is by far the best listened to of the entire run. In many ways, it's also the best. However, it's still been primarily a hobby ministry, a way for me to keep my chops up while I've been taking a break from pastoring a local church. That's partly why there have been times when the broadcast has been a little hit or miss. It's also why there hasn't been a set time signature since the Madman days.

I do put a lot into each episode, at least the content. I've done a some episodes that I have really been proud of over the last four years. A few have garnered a lot of attention and a lot of listeners while some of my best had below average hits. When I don't have time to prepare, I just don't do one. I too often let the affairs of daily life get in the way. But, as a hobby, it really didn't matter. I take the content very seriously but didn't sweat it too much if I missed one. Quality over quantity has been the motto.

The truth is, my listeners deserve better. The Lord deserves better. In our media-obsessed culture, the more voices crying out with the truth, the better. I have been convicted by the Holy Spirit that I need to take this platform He gave me more seriously. The content is not going to change much but I'm going to put more into the production and into building an audience.

To date, the only money spent every on the program (apart from the equipment) has been the monthly hosting fees and cost of the site. I haven't put anything into finding people to listen or read any of my assorted blogs. With the Lord making some updates to my calling and occupation, I need to do more with the program and blogs than I have for the past few years and that includes putting some money to promoting both. I have a good start but I need to do more to fulfill what I've been called to do.

I am also going to put more into the production of each episode. That includes better a intro and outro. I'm not changing the music, especially the intro. They're instrumental rock music from a close friend and easily one of the best all-around guitarists I've ever come across. (Check out all of his stuff here.) I am going to recruit someone else for the introduction and tagline at the end. I'm not sure who yet, but I have some thoughts.

In order to make the show more radio friendly, I'm also implementing a set duration time for the program like I did when I broadcast the previous incarnations. I haven't fully figured out what that time needs to be but it will most likely be between twenty-five and twenty-seven minutes.

The website is also going to be upgraded and integrated with the other sites ( (currently a blog while the main site is being rebuilt), Freedom Church, and Deep Mystery Studio) that are a big part of this change. I am building something I've never had before.

The changes I'm planning will go into effect the first of the year along with several others that will be announced here and other outlets. This is just one part of a much larger picture as the Lord integrates all of the areas of my life for His glory.


  1. Have you thought about Patreon as a way for your listeners to support you (without it being a straight up donation)?


  2. Patreon page is now set up. The link is